There's nothing like having a beer at the game.

There's just a staple of being at the game and ordering a dog and beer. They go together so well. Alcohol and beer are obviously at the pro sports stadiums, but it's always different in the college atmosphere because there are students that aren't 21 yet.

But maybe a change is coming. Drake is the first college in Iowa to serve beer to the general public at sporting events. Drake had many upgrades to Knapp Center with new lights and a new court for the men and women to play on. But an upgrade in the concession stand is what has fans buzzing... literally.

Drake Athletic Director Brian Harden told the 'Des Moines Register', "I think we were doing a great job of putting a really exciting product on the court. We also want to make sure that the experience they have in the stands will want them to come back for future games. This, certainly, what we're doing with all of our fan experience enhancements, is to improve the experience for our local fans who have been coming to the games for years and in some cases decades. But it's also an effort to try to invite new fans to come down to our games and to experience what we have at Drake."

Now it's time for UNI, Iowa, and Iowa State to follow suit.

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