Early today, the Zumbrota Police Department issued a warning to local businesses about an increase of counterfeit $20 bills.

The message on their Facebook page stated "Counterfeit 20s: Attention Local Businesses. We have been seeing a bunch of these "Replica" 20s being passed at several businesses, be sure to look at these as they say they are replicas, we have had people also using marker to blot "Replica" out. Also these are missing all the security features and are Motion Picture replicas. "

Can you spot the fake right away?  I have to admit, the counterfeit bills look pretty real, but the creator obviously didn't use spellcheck.  Take a look at the picture of some of the fake bills that they have collected on their Facebook post below.

Help spread the word too.  Nothing worse than finding out you've been scammed!  A simple share on Facebook or Twitter will help ensure that our hard-earned dollars are actually real dollars!

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