If you are looking for the ultimate redneck paradise in Iowa, an "expert" says you seriously need to head west to Fort Dodge.

Some might take this as an insult. I say wear it like a badge of honor. There are worse things than being declared "a redneck paradise". This ranking from Roadsnacks has been around for awhile. It comes courtesy of all-around great guy Nick Johnson. See if you agree with his top 10 Iowa redneck places.

He says that Fort Dodge "is about 4 beers west of Des Moines". Stoked with plenty of cigarette shops, liquor stores and Walmart stores, Nick ranks them as the #1 redneck place in Iowa. Wearing camo to church and Pizza Ranch? Been there and done that.

Fort Dodge isn't the only Iowa place that gets redneck stamped on its forehead. Conesville, Maquoketa, Red Oak, Fort Madison, Missouri Valley (the word "Missouri" likely earned it 50 bonus redneck points), Boone, Bloomfield, Denison and Spirit Lake also get called out for mullets and gun racks.

Some of the YouTube comments obviously came from some of us redneck Hawkeyes.

ZoZo Jones - "Iowa is so up north it turns southern"

That's very true. Another person said "Not sure to be mad sad or happy to be number 6 on this list". To be redneck or not is a troubling decision to have to make.

Snail Travels - "That explains the massive amount of tractors parked in the school parking lot every year".

Hey, we love our tractors here. But, I don't take it personal. It's all in good redneck fun here.

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