One of the most important things that any adult needs to possess is a car. In a state like Iowa that makes a whole lot of sense. There is very little public transportation like in some other states, so a car is kind of essential. Finding a decently priced used car in Cedar Falls, Iowa is a top priority.

Most of the time you can usually find a car in your price range, but some cars...they just blow my mind. I can't even imagine or comprehend how expensive some vehicles can be. For me, if it drives and gets me to where I'm going...we're good.

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For some people, that's not necessarily the case. I get it! I would rather spend my money on a more expensive house than a vehicle, and for other people it's the opposite. I don't judge people on what they spend their well-deserved pay on.

THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! If you want to spend all of your hard-earned money on a gigantic bouncy castle, go ahead! Want to get a boat with a giant three story water slide? DO IT!

One car for sale in Cedar Falls is upwards of $200,000. If you have 200K to throw around then you could probably get this 2020 Mercedes-Benz G Class...whatever the last part means. This might be the most expensive used car in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It currently has 3,177 miles on it.

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