Did you feel cheated by the overcast sky during the eclipse? Don't worry. Here is every total eclipse for the next 50 years.

With plenty of cloud cover, the only want to describe Monday's eclipse in The Cedar Valley was: anticlimactic. But it's okay. The good people at Time Magazine and NASA have shown where and when the next total eclipses will be. So get your flights booked because these eclipses reach all 7 continents.

The next total eclipses will be in South America and go through Chile and Argentina in less than 2 years, July 2nd, 2019.

Eclipse 1


Then Chile and Argentina again December 14th, 2020.

December 4th, 2021 over Antarctica.

The next one to grace the United States will be April 8th, 2024 as it starts in Texas and will work it's way all the way up to Maine.

Eclipse 2

August 12th, 2026 between Greenland and Iceland down to Spain.

August 2nd, 2027 starting in Morocco and curving over the topmost part of Africa exiting in Somalia.

July 22, 2028 in Australia and New Zealand.

November 25th, 2030 in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and curving into Australia.

March 30th, 2033 between Russia and Alaska.

March 20th, 2034 Nigeria up to Afghanistan and on to China.

September 2nd 2035 in China, North Korea, and Japan.

July 13th, 2037 in Australia and New Zealand.

December 26th, 2038 in Australia and New Zealand AGAIN!

December 15th, 2039 in Antarctica.

April 30th, 2041 starting in Angola and leaving in Somalia.

April 20th, 2042 in Malaysia and the Philippines.

April 9th, 2043 in Russia.

August 23rd, 2044 in Greenland, Canada and a bit in Montana.

August 12th, 2045 it's back in the United States. Starting in California and sweeping down to the best view in the Florida Keys and going all the way down to Brazil.

August 2nd, 2046 in Angola going south to South Africa.

December 5th, 2048 in Chile and going across the Atlantic to Botswana.

March 30th, 2052 in Mexico and through Georgia/South Carolina.

September 12th, 2053 the northern part of Africa with the best view in Saudi Arabia.

July 24th, 2055 in South Africa.

January 5th 2057 south of South Africa.

December 26th, 2057 in Antarctica.

May 11th, 2059 in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

April 30th, 2060 from the Ivory Coast all the way into Russia.

April 20th, 2061 in Kazakhstan and Russia.

August 24th, 2063 in China, Mongolia, and Japan.

August 12th, 2064 in Chile and Argentina.

December 17th, 2066 in Australia and New Zealand.

To see every total eclipse for the next 50 years and the maps, click here!

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