A chance to be on TV, win $100,00 and meet Ellen DeGeneres? These Iowa sisters were pretty lucky!

According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa sisters Kassidy and Sommer Mosch who are from New Providence recently made an appearance on Ellen's game show "Ellen's Game of Games" for a chance to compete to win $100,000!

The sisters started off playing a game called "Dirty Laundry" where they had to throw a large ball into a washing machine prop on the other side of the stage while wearing one large sweat shirt so they could each only use one arm. Sounds complicated I know but of course it got even more complicated when Ellen also gave them three questions they had to answer to get to the washing machine.

Even after all this the Mosch sisters ended up missing only one point which took them to the final game. If you know the show, at the end a winner from each game stands atop chutes and have to answer questions correctly to win $100,000 or be dropped down the chute if they get it wrong. Unfortunately, Kassidy got the question wrong and lost but seems like the sisters had a great time.

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