This is one of the best videos you'll see on the internet all day. This is about as wholesome as it gets. If you didn't know, a football game broke out in Wellington Heights and there was a play made that should be on the SportsCenter top 10.

There are millions of videos like this one on YouTube but for some reason, I feel like we don't see these types of stories as often as we should. I want to give a big salute to these two police officers who are interacting with their community and building trust with the young citizens who live in Cedar Rapids.

This video was shared by the Cedar Rapids Police Department and was posted on the KCRG Facebook page. Cedar Rapids police officers Hayley Mullins and Sgt. Austin Dellamuth joined in a local backyard football game with some of the students who live in the Wellington Heights neighborhood. I'm not sure if Sgt. Dellamuth has a history of playing football but with the athleticism shown in the video...he could start for the Hawkeyes!

This Is So Important

I wish moments like this were shared more on TV and on social media. This is exactly what building a community looks like. Hayley Mullins and Austin Dellamuth are building trust with a younger generation, which can only help improve community interactions. Especially as these younger kids grow older.

Far too often we see videos involving the police that are negative. I don't mean the police are doing anything wrong either. I mean that when the police are involved, normally something bad happened or someone broke the law. Imagine being young and every time you see the police involved in something, it's for a negative reason.

Videos like this need to be shared a lot more often. Having a good relationship with the police officers in your community has such an impact on trust and feeling protected by one another. This can make police officers' jobs a lot safer and more rewarding. This can also help the public feel like the police officers in their community have their best interests.

Way to go Hayley and Austin! My only question is...which team won the game?!

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