Are you ready for some football? If the answer is yes and you're in Waterloo this weekend, I have an option for you. The East Iowa Storm semi-pro football team is set to open their season this Saturday.

Jordan Knebel sent us a note to let us know the new season will open this Saturday at Central Middle School. The team will be accepting free will donations for admission. He explained that this is a league featuring guys who pay their own way including equipment and travel to the games. This is a league for those that truly have a love for the game.

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If you've never seen the East Iowa Storm play, here are some videos that were shared last year on Facebook.

If you'd like to follow the East Iowa Storm, make sure to follow them through their official Facebook page. This is truly a local grass roots effort and the best way to show your support if this is something you'd like to see more of is to show up Saturday at Central Middle School.

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