One of my biggest pet not pet peeves...GIANT ZOO ANIMAL PEEVES is when I'm out driving and I see another driver on their phone. You can't put it down for twenty minutes to go and pick up groceries at Hyvee?

It's so dangerous, and honestly...a huge nuisance.

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As reported by Radio Iowa, legislators claim that it is unlikely that the Iowa lawmakers will make driving while handling a smartphone illegal. Right now it is illegal to text and drive in the state of Iowa. However, people cannot be ticketed just for having their phone in their hand.

I'll be honest...I see why that is the case. GPS is such a common tool that all of us use, but you can usually connect it to a Bluetooth speaker or even have it up on your dashboard. There are plenty of products out there that can let you safely check your location and drive.

Man using cell phone while driving the car

Right now there are twenty-six other states that have laws on the books that ban drivers from using their phone while they drive. The one copout for this is when you are driving and making a call through your phone's dashboard/Bluetooth speakers.There was a previous attempt to put this law on the books here in Iowa back in 2015, but it failed to move forward.

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