Okay first Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus' godmother and now she is the godmother to her new god dog, Billy.... can Dolly Parton be MY godmother now?!

Ignoring my whole plea to Dolly to be my own godmother, yes you read it right that she has a "god dog" as she calls him and he is a french bull dog by the name of Billy the Kid.

So how did this pooch get lucky enough to call the country legend his godmother? The Instagram famous pooch is actually the pet to a personal connection of Dolly's. According to People, Billy's owner is Danny Nozell, the CEO of CTK Management who says Dolly is like a mother to him and created an instant bond with his pet.

Billy the Kid has over 14,000 followers and counting on Instagram with pictures ranging from napping, playing and snacking... basically just showing his overall cuteness. This is one lucky dog! Check out more pictures and more of the story here.


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