Everyone is afraid of something, but some people’s fears are a little, um, unique compared to others. They are usually referred to as irrational fears where the event is very unlikely to happen or there is no reason behind the fear except that you know you are afraid when you think about it or see it. I had a friend with a fear of bananas… no kidding, I pulled one out one day and she literally screamed and ran. Although I laughed when I found out about this, I was still very conscious about her fear and made sure not to have bananas around. I asked her why she was afraid of them but she could never give me an answer.

This started me thinking about if I have any irrational fears. I realized one of my irrational fears when I was a kid is that a shark would swim through a drain to my bathtub when I was taking a bath and eat me and the whole bathtub. I know impossible but it really had me scared to take a bath for a long time.

So what are some of the weirdest irrational fears? Well I will give 5 of the weirdest fears I have heard of and if you want to know more weird fears check out this Odyssey article here! You may not realize you have an irrational fear until you read about some of these!

  1. Driving through car washes
  2. Fish, mostly because of their beady eyes and the fact they don’t blink, they just continuously stare at you.
  3. Touching someone else’s chewed gum. Worst thing is when it is under your desk at school and it just happens, I need like three showers after that!
  4. Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- I mean they are weird looking but seem nice.
  5. Fear of sneezing while driving across a bridge- Will this cause the bridge to crumble?

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