Let's be real for a second, we all have that one person in our lives (or maybe it's yourself) who loves all the odd and out-of-the-box gifts. I am talking about the ugly sweaters, witty socks and even packs of underwear. However, what if you are looking for a new gift idea and just don't know what to get that goofball in your life?

Well, Huffington Post has put together a list of 42 weird gifts to get and honestly, they knocked it out of the park (I don't even know how they found some of these). I am going to give you my outrageous top 10 from the list and then you can check out the rest on their website. Hopefully this helps out your Christmas shopping progress.

1. Pet sunglasses (because apparently even your pets don't like the sun)

2. Star Wars Death Toaster (I feel like they have taken this Star Wars thing too far)

3. Dinosaur Planters (Nothing says you are hip than this)

4. Renaissance portrait of your pet (people they are NOT your children!)

5. Popeye's Spicy Chicken Sandwich Christmas Sweater (I mean, why not?)

6. Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

7. Burrito Blanket (I actually want this one)

8. Paper Airplane Wall Hangers

9. Tiny Baking Kit ( I mean big things do come in small packages)

10. Device that connects your wallet to your phone (THIS IS ACTUALLY SO SMART)

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