There is no doubt about it. There was a time when it seemed skipping college was a career death sentence. Unless you had a family business, or wanted a lesser paying job, you HAD to go off to get (at least) a four year after high school. Well, times have changed and the colleges may have finally priced themselves out of the market. I guess raising tuition over 200 percent in a couple of decades will do that...

According to a new study from MarketWatch, HALF of people under 21 today say they don't think college is necessary anymore. And 89% have considered doing something other than a traditional four-year college like online courses, trade school, or learning on the job.

But does that mean ol' mom and dad agree with this? Um, NO. Their parents haven't adjusted just yet as 96% of parents say they still expect their kids to go to college.

Times change, do you think a college degree is worth the cost?

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