This is a dirty situation to say the least. The Iowa Department of Natural Recourses is investigating a pair of manure spills in northern Iowa that have killed fish. They're also investigating the spill of a food product that’s could become a pollutant once it reaches a stream. According to a Radio Iowa report, the DNR is estimating several hundred thousand gallons of liquid manure from the Rock Bottom Dairy spilled into Mud Creek. Mud Creek is just northwest of Rock Rapids in Lyon County.

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According to the DNR, the manure/water mixture is slowly moving downstream and the agency is warning farmers in the area who use the creek to water their livestock that conditions likely will not improve for the next several days. 

Iowa DNR Badge
Iowa DNR Badge

Regarding the second incident, the Iowa DNR is investigating a manure spill in Kossuth County, near West Bend. The incident was caused when a hose used by a business that applies liquid manure on land became loose and ended-up in Lotts Creek. It then spilled out about 10-thousand gallons of manure. Investigators say it’s impractical to pump the manure back out of the creek. The manure is flowing toward the East Fork of the Des Moines River The DNR does not expect it to impact drinking water supplies.

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