A CVS in eastern Iowa will be closing its doors for good before the end of 2023. This won't be the only CVS in the surrounding area shutting its doors either. On November 29th, the CVS in Moline will no longer be in operation. On December 7th, the CVS located at 1777 Division Street, in Davenport will no longer be available to shoppers.

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CVS Layoffs

Back in August, it was announced that CVS would be laying off 5000 employees in a "cost-cutting effort," according to CNN. In a further statement given to CNN, back in August, CVS said

Reductions will occur in “non-customer facing positions,” primarily affecting its corporate staff. CVS is evolving to adapt to new consumer health needs and expectations and it must take difficult steps to reduce expenses. We do not expect there to be any impact to our customer-facing colleagues in our stores, pharmacies, clinics, or customer services centers.

Well...with CVS stores closing their doors, I think the statement regarding "non-customer facing positions would be incorrect. CVS is not only getting rid of non-customer-facing positions, they're getting rid of every position.

The good news for the CVS employees at both of these locations is they will have the opportunity to still work for CVS. KWQC reports that every CVS employee affected by the closures will be offered new roles within the company.

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How To Fill Prescriptions

For anyone in the area who may be affected when it comes to getting their prescription filled, it's not all doom and gloom, you'll just have to visit a different location. According to KWQC, a CVS spokesperson said

All Moline prescriptions will be transferred to the nearby CVS pharmacy at 2617 18th Avenue in Rock Island and Davenport prescriptions to the CVS pharmacy at 1655 West Kimberly Road in Davenport to ensure that patients continue to have uninterrupted access to pharmacy care. Patients can also choose to fill their prescriptions at any CVS pharmacy, or the pharmacy of their choice, if another is more convenient.

There will still be 6 remaining CVS locations in and around the Quad Cities area and CVS plans to still provide "the community with outstanding service at these locations." Eligible patients can also opt in for home delivery services through the CVS app or CVS.com

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