10 Times Country Stars Appeared On TV

Who else loves seeing their favorite country artist on television? And no, I'm not talking about those award show performances or when they get interviewed on television shows. Every single time I see artists that I love guest starring or making cameos on shows I love, I get so excited. Many of these artists are so incredibly talented that they deserve all the screen time they can get.

So, here are ten country cameos that you might've missed. Now you're going to have to go back and re-watch these shows.

1. Tenille Arts - The Bachelor

This one really threw me for a loop. For all of you Bachelor Nation fans, you might be shocked that one of the most popular artists right now actually got her start on The Bachelor. No, she wasn't one of the many girls vying for the heart of that season's Bachelor. Tenille Arts actually performed for Pilot Pete and his date Madison. After the couple went to dinner they walked into the performance space, where Tenille just HAPPENED to be performing.

2. Dolly Parton - Hannah Montana

When you think of country music stars appearing on your screen the very first person you'll think of is Dolly Parton, right? Well, when you are the queen of country you can't say yes to every project unless you really are connected to it. Dolly appeared on the wildly popular Disney show Hannah Montana in multiple episodes. Parton couldn't say no to her very own goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. They've performed musically together a few times. Like this great rendition of Jolene that they did together.

So, Dolly appeared as Miley's godmother in the show...which doesn't seem too far off from reality. However, this cameo introduced Dolly to a whole new generation of Dolly fans.

3. Kelly Clarkson - Reba

One of the best duos in music is Kelly Clarkson and Reba. They met during one of Kelly's final performances on American Idol back in the day. Reba offered Kelly a brief cameo on her hit sitcom Reba. There are quite a few references to Kelly's Idol past. She plays a spunky weather person in training who is learning from Barbara Jean. Kelly Clarkson has to act in more television shows, people!

4. Reba - Young Sheldon

Reba is a reoccurring character on this show and plays the ex-wife of Coach Dale Ballard. June, her character, came back to the show in late February.

5. Carrie Underwood - Sound of Music Live

Do you remember when Carrie Underwood played Maria in the iconic musical...live on television? There were quite a few criticisms about Underwood's performance, but overall it was a fun watch. Who else wants to see her do musicals once theaters open up again?


6. Trace Adkins - King Of The Hill

He voiced a character named Big John the Trucker on this animated show. He was such a fan of the show that he actually recorded a song for a Christmas episode. You can check that out below.

7. Taylor Swift - CSI

Taylor has made quite a few television appearances on some of her favorite shows. When you become such a big star like her, then you can have your pick of roles. She's appeared on New Girl too. This episode of CSI however was a huge fun treat for Swifties. She plays a teen that's going through something. She's going through so much that she ends up changing her hair up several times.

8. Miranda Lambert - Law & Order: SVU

I got so mad when I was doing research and came across this. Not only am I a huge fan of Miranda Lambert, but I am obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. Lambert made her acting debut in this episode of the show as a woman names Lacey Ford (which is such a country name by the way).

She played a victim of an assault by a reality television producer.

9. Brad Paisley - Commercials

Every single time I see Brad Paisley pop up on my TV I have to point him out. It's so fun to see one of the biggest names in country music right now paling around with Peyton Manning.

10. Kelsea Ballerini - The Voice

Kelsea Ballerini recently filled in for Kelly Clarkson on the past season of The Voice. She's appeared several times before as a mentor for Team Kelly and as a bonus judge for the show's "Comeback Stage."



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