We may have to agree to disagree on this one, Roadsnacks. That's the website that says Waterloo is one of the worst cities in Iowa to live in for 2021. They put out their list yearly and, while they say pretty much any Iowa city is a decent choice because of our strong economy and multitude of job opportunities, there's still some towns better left avoided.

To figure out the 10 worst cities for 2021, Roadsnacks basically threw numbers in a machine and located ten places not a single writer from the website has ever visited, let alone lived in. They analyzed only 74 of the state's most cities for this list. The requirement was the city had to have over 5,000 people. For Iowa, there's so many towns with far less population. Anyway, from this they produced their 10 worst places to live in Iowa list.

So, let's check out the full list of ten Iowa cities Roadsnacks says to avoid living in which includes Waterloo:

The Ten Worst Cities in Iowa to Live in 2021

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