Some of our favorite restaurants are chain restaurants... especially fast food. They fill that void of greasy, bad for you food that we all have... oh, and it's the fastest food to get when you have a 20 minute lunch break (does this mean we can blame our jobs for not giving us a long enough lunch break to get healthy food?).

Well, National Restaurant News has just released its annual report on restaurant sales in the U.S. Surprisingly, Chick-Fil-A secured the third spot last year jumping from 7th in 2017. But what was the #1 spot... not surprisingly, McDonald's pulling in $38.5 billion in sales. We Americans really do love our Big Macs.

Did your favorite chain make the list of top sales? Check out the Top 10 list below which includes how much they made in sales.

1.  McDonald's, $38.5 billion.

2.  Starbucks, $20.5 billion.

3.  Chick-fil-A, $10.5 billion.

4.  Subway, $10.4 billion.

5.  Taco Bell, $10.4 billion.

6.  Burger King, $9.9 billion.

7.  Wendy's, $9.5 billion.

8.  Dunkin' Donuts, $8.8 billion.

9.  Domino's, $6.6 billion.

10.  Panera Bread, $5.6 billion

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