Parking on Main Street in Cedar Falls can be... difficult. And the city is aware.

The City of Cedar Falls conducted a parking study in February of this year to figure ouyt ways to improve the situation. The results included a recommendation plan, and the ordinances were approved in June by the city council.

Phase 1 is of this plan is now near completion.

  • The city has added 31 new on-street parking spaces. There are new parking spots on State Street and outside of City Hall.
  • Main Street has a two-hour parking limit. There are three-hour parking limits on roads near Main Street. You will be able to see signs marking where there are parking limits.
  • Beginning on September 3rd, there will be time limits enforced from 9:00am until 8:00pm. You can park anywhere overnight for as long as needed, except Main Street. Starting at 9:00am, you do need to obey time limits.
  • There are some new 24 hour parking spaces. They're on the north side of 2nd street between Franklin Street and Clay Street, and on the south side of 2nd Street, between Clay Street and Washington.
  • Viking Pump has agreed to let the public use their lot after business hours. This means their lot is open from 5:15pm. to 5:00am, Monday through Friday, and all-day Saturday and Sunday.
  • The city has hired additional staff to enforce the new time limits, so you'll need to watch for the signs to know how long you can be parked.
  • PHASE TWO: This is planned for later this fall. This will focus on the public parking lots. They will be adding new technology, like mobile pay applications and pay stations.
  • The new Hampton Inn on the corner of Main Street and 1st Street has its own parking lot.

Phase 2 is planned for later this fall and will include paid off-street public parking lots and new technology of a mobile pay application and pay stations. There will still continue to be free on-street parking in the downtown area.

For more info on the Cedar Falls parking situation, visit the Cedar Falls parking website.

(Source: Amanda Huisman, Communications Specialist for Cedar Falls)

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