Cardi B is now a big name in country...not country music; just country. The hilarious rapper and pop culture icon is having (milking) a cow in the latest episode of her Facebook Watch series Cardi Tries

Cardi's series has her try different things that are out of her comfort zone, and there is nothing more uncomfortable for a New Yorker than going out and doing farm work. This Bronx native teamed up with a Texas gal for this excursion. Cardi got decked out in her Stetson and leather to head out with Country star Mickey Guyton for a day at the farm.

Funnily enough, the Bodak Yellow rapper thought that Guyton would know all about what it takes to work on a ranch, but the latter actually is from the suburbs of Texas. It turns out that both of these women were clueless about what they were about to get into.

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In the show Cardi talks about how she really wanted to get a farm with her husband  rapper, Offset. Her beau apparently thought it was a bad idea for one main reason...

The smell.

She proves Offset right the moment she gets to the farm. Cardi takes one whiff of the surrounding farmland and says,

"I hate when my husband is right. Because the smell...ooooh funkalicious!"

The two had four main goals they had to achieve while they were at the farm. They learned how to ride a horse (Mickey was far along in her pregnancy so she couldn't really do that one), shear sheep, milk cows, and feed pigs. One of the best parts of this entire video is listening to describe how fascinated Cardi B was with horses. There really is no one quite like her, is there?

"It's crazy how they trained the horse like a car! Like you steer it from the left, you steer it from the right. You hit it, it's a go! You stop her she got breaks."

Mickey Guyton may not be a farm girl at heart, but she did have a great time with Cardi B. Guyton expressed her appreciation for the hilarious rapper in a Tweet.

"@iamcardib is such a sweet human. Thank you for being so kind to me and my baby bump. Me and the ranch life just don’t really click, but I love these animals so much."
If you want to see how the rest of their adventure went, you can watch the full episode on Facebook Watch or down below.

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