Injuries are just part of the game but these are crazy. Can you handle it? Warning: Graphic images

As a big sports fan, it's not uncommon to see a brutal injury. The thing is, television will air the instant replay to see what the problem is for the player that is lying on the field, the court or the ice. Sometimes there will be an injury that is so bad, it's hard to even watch. Lucky, when I was a 3-sport athlete, the worst injury I suffered was a sprained ankle.

I'm the kind of person that is a glutton for punishment and will watch the replay of the injury. There was one injury (that is on this list) that I watched it while my dad was laying on the couch covering his eyes so he didn't have to see it. It was like watching a scary movie.

Over this past weekend, Redskins quarterback, Alex Smith, had a pretty bad injury that was caught on replay and it made me think of these other gruesome sports injuries. Good luck.

WARNING: As described above, the images are graphic.


8. Redskins QB Alex Smith - Broken tibia and fibula


7. Redskins QB Joe Theismann - Compound fracture of the leg (NOTE: Smith and Theismann both suffered broken legs on the exact same day 33 years apart.)


6. Chiefs WR Chris Conley - Torn Achilles tendon. (You see a ripple in his calf as his Achilles rolls up like a widow shade.) **FFW to the 1:15 mark**


5. Tampa Bay Rays P Alex Cobb - Mild Concussion (Could have been a lot worse)


4. Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran - Broken Jaw, Concussion, Broken Cheek Bones


3. Louisville Basketball Player - Broken Leg (The replay my dad couldn't watch)


2. Miami RB Willis McGahee - Torn ACL, MCL, PCL


Number 1 is so bad but keep scrolling if you dare.









No really... turn away.








You asked for it.


















1. Buffalo Sabers Goalie Clint Malarchuk - Interior carotid artery slashed by skate

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