If you're going to eat two pounds of chocolate every day, might as well get paid for it, right? Especially by a reputable company that makes a pretty tasty and solid product.

Cadbury just put up a job posting for a new CHOCOLATE TASTE TESTER. (Yep, your dream job!) If you get it, you'll spend around eight hours a week, at $14-an-hour, trying chocolates at their headquarters in Wokingham, England. And no, I don't think they'll pay for relocation expenses so, you'll have to eat those costs.

They say anyone can apply, because they're not necessarily looking for someone with experience, just someone with a passion for chocolate who gives honest opinions. Oh, and no nut allergy either obviously.

Think this is the chocolaty gig for you? Seriously, apply. If you get it, we can be best friends. All you have to do is go HERE to apply for the job.

(Additional info from: New York Post)

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