This marriage already seems to be off to a great start... or not.

There is a woman in Australia who recently went viral for posting a list of rules on Facebook and asking for friends opinions. However, this wasn't an ordinary list of rules for a classroom or home but rather for her future husband's bachelor party!

That's right, this woman made a list of rules for her man's bachelor party including some of the rules: no drugs, alcohol, women.... all phones need to be tracked at all times ..... no swearing..... midnight curfew....etc.

These are just some of the rules and it basically sounds like a mom giving her teenagers the rules! As you can expect, her friends went off on her on Facebook and basically said this is so wrong and she can't give him rules because he is a grown man. The woman did finally conceit to these comments...sort.

The Australian made a comment back on her post to address all the comments. She said, ""You're right, I can't control him once he leaves the house and I can't control his friends.  So I've decided just to not let him go." Yeah, because that is so much better.

Let's just say, this marriage may be doomed. Check out the full list of rules here.


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