Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend, and we all are turning our clocks back despite many states writing legislation to end the tradition.

Though laws have been passed at a state level, those states must gain approval from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation before the change can take truly place.

I say we don't turn our clocks back an hour this year, because none of us need another hour of 2020.

Illinois tried to pass a bill pre-COVID that would keep Illinois on Daylight Saving Time. The bill passed the state senate, but did not pass in the house.

The biggest argument from State Senator Andy Manar, is the impact DST has on health.

"The government just arbitrarily changing time twice a year has a significant impact on our health, on our productivity at work and on the economy."

Daylight Saving has been linked to increases in heart attacks and car accidents, as well as sleep deprivation. Chronic Sleep Deprivation can increase stress levels, leading to rising heart rates and blood pressures.

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