The inauguration brought us so many things...a new President, a bunch of amazing musical performances, and much Bernie.

Vermont Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is making news, and it has nothing to do with politics. While our country is a bit divided right now; at least we can unite for some funny memes about one of the most colorful characters in politics.

At the swearing in of President Biden, Bernie Sanders showed up looking like he'd rather be anywhere else but there. He showed up in mittens, a disposable mask, and the ONE good winter coat he owns apparently. In some of the photos he looks like he is holding a manila envelope with some documents. Did he have something else to do? 

This captured everyone's attention and quickly took off to become a viral sensation and a hilarious meme. And those mittens he's wearing? Well, it turns out they were made by a Vermont school teacher and she was getting LOADS of requests for mittens after the photo blew up.

Bernie in space gets me EVERY time!

The Senator reacted to his viral photo on Late Night With Seth Meyers. 

I had to get on this trend! It's just so funny! It is like a Where's Waldo but for 2021 politicians. So, here it is! Here are some pics of Bernie and how I imagine his trip to the Cedar Valley would go.

Bernie & The Cedar Valley

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