How many of us need our families to be made aware of the topics you should ALWAYS avoid when around your family, especially at Christmas time? I'd wager most... Many never get the memo.

A new survey from DigitalHub found the discussion topics that people won't touch at Christmas to try to avoid fights, tears, threats of violence, their sister storming out and swearing next year she's going to spend the holidays with her boyfriend's family.

Check 'em out:

  • Politics, 68% of people avoid it.
  • People's personal lives, 55%.
  • Religion, 47%.
  • Money, 42%.
  • Life changes since last year, including changes in people's WEIGHT or relationship statuses, 29%.

So what is their to discuss with the family at the holidays? GOSSIP!! I mean, come on, don't just dish the food...

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