Maybe you are thinking we have reached the next level of Jumanji or maybe you are a huge Hunger Games fan and think these "Murder Hornets" remind you of the "tracker jackers" in the games. Either way, we know one thing for sure... Murder Hornets have come to the U.S. However, the question now is are they going to come to Iowa?

According to KWWL, experts at the Iowa State University Outreach and Extension Office suggest that although Iowans should keep an eye out for these "Murder Hornets," they do not believe that there is any evidence that they could survive in Iowa. That's a relief to hear!

There have not been any reports of "Murder Hornets" in Iowa as of now. However if you do see these two inch Asian Giant Hornets, you are asked to safely document the bug with a picture or just a description and then send the documentation to


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