July 13th was National French Fries Day. We may debate who makes the best fries, but apparently there is no debate that fries are good for us... according to a research anyway.

Like most Iowans (and Americans for that matter), I love french fries, but I can only enjoy them if they are hot. A hot crispy fry crunching in my mouth is pure heaven. Once they cool off it's a different story. They are nothing more than a salty, limp potato. That salt, however, might be the reason that French fries are good for us.

While looking into National French Fries Day, I found an old story posted on Huffington Post's web site about a published report in the Journal of Neuroscience. It revealed that items like French fries, potato chips, and even Cheetos are good for us. Now that's news I can get behind.

Okay, it turns out it is the salt that might be what is good for us and not the heavenly deep-fat fried goodies. Salt can lower the amount of stress hormones that floats around in our body, and in turn, eating those types of foods helps put us into a comfort zone.

It's also one of the reasons bartenders offer free salty snacks (besides the obvious 'makes you drink more' theory).

So eat those fries, chips, and Cheetos and feel the stress melt away. That is until you have to go buy new set of clothes because your pants don't fit like they used too.

Man, I hate clothes shopping, Ah-oh, my stress level is climbing again. I better eat a few fries.

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