The Waterloo Community’s Playhouse production of “Annie” helped to remind the audience what the Christmas season is really all about. Kindness, charity, acceptance and love is really what this show and the holiday season should be about. Annie awakens the inner child in all of us and reminds us of the optimism that most kids have and what can help all of us get through each day. The cast and crew of this production did a great job reminding us of these things.

I was very surprised that this show was basically sold out when I got there and then I saw the show and understood why. The acting and dancing and set really drew people in and the playfulness and energy of the children in the cast was adoring to watch. I believe the show stealers were definitely “Orphan Molly,” whom had the best comedic timing of the whole shoe, and the dog whom made the show when it just ran across the stage during a scene change and the entire audience went “aww.”

In the end, if you did not see the show but are reading this there is one thing, I would like you to take away. Remember this is the giving season and the best thing you could give is kindness and generosity because that makes the entire world a little better every day.