This story will contain spoilers for all 8 episodes of the Netflix baking competition show Is It Cake? so if you haven't watched the show yet go check it out and come back later.

You’ve been warned…

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Several weeks ago we shared with you that an eccentric Des Moines baker would be competing on the latest baking competition show from Netflix.

Is it Cake? is based off of the 2020 trend where bakers would make hyper-realistic cakes. People went crazy for these mind bending pastries.

When this trend was at its peak, I for one had issues trusting ANYONE! Is anything real? Is everything just made of cake? AM I CAKE?!?

Andrew Fuller, the Des Moines based baker takes my own metaphysical cake fears to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Fuller’s shop Sugar Freakshow will be opening this spring . He is a master of all things spooky, especially when it comes to cakes.

*the rest of this story will contain detailed spoilers of his time on the Netflix competition show*

Fuller proved to be a star right out of the gate, but it wasn’t until episode three when we got to see the cake artist in action.

He won back-to-back-to-back episodes with his incredibly realistic creations. Fuller crafted a conch shell, challah bread, and red solo cups which both  fooled and impressed the judges.

These creations cemented his spot in the finale where he again came out on top with a realistic suitcase and won $80,000.

“I’m always the weirdo and the oddball who people don’t take seriously,” the baker said through tears. “And I’m just not used to being the one that people consider the best.”

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