An asteroid was on a collision course with Earth and we only knew hours before it happened.

On Saturday, scientists at NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office spotted an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. They spotted the rock just 7 hour before it could hit Earth. The asteroid was named "2018 LA". It was traveling at a speed of 10 miles per second.

It was hardly Armaggedon as the asteroid was only 6 feet across, so no one was in any panic. The team was only able to get a couple of readings of it's trajectory and thought it would hit somewhere in southern Africa, the Indian Ocean or possibly New Guinea. "2018 LA" entered the Earth's atmosphere Saturday June 2nd and security footage in Botswana was able to pick up the meteor as it exploded several miles above the surface of the Earth. It put on a heck of a light show.

See the video here:

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