Dear Pets Everywhere,

Thank you for being humanity’s lovable companions every day and letting us cuddle with you on those stressful days. You all are always there for us and we try to show our love for you every day. However, I have to apologize on humanity’s half as we tend to get a little too excited when we see cute things and think that a little torture makes cuteness ok.

We see holiday costumes and think that we want to dress up our pets in them to make them part of the family or take a really cute picture, but in reality, I know all animals are dreading this time of year for that. I get it, trust me! I don’t understand our society’s need to dress you all up for a little enjoyment. But hey, we get amused by the simplest things and I am sure you are thinking that humans are somewhat dull and annoying creatures. Well you may be right.

So I apologize for our forms of enjoyment taking a toll on you all. I will be the first to help all pets get their revenge when they take over the world (remember I said that and am your ally!) However, on behalf of humanity I apologize once again, but thank you for being so cute!

Your Ally,

Tiffany Kay

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