Most people who have a voice activated assistant. But this guy has one that can turn, look at you, and respond.

"If there is an electronic singing fish in more than 3 rooms of your home, you might be a redneck" is a line from The Blue Collar Comedy Tour said by the famous Jeff Foxworthy. He said this line then begrudgingly raised his own hand as fellow comedians Ron White and Bill Engvall pointed at him and Ron held up the number 4.

But this might be the most practical of all the former singing fish. Big Mouth Billy Bass was revamped in a garage with the more modern Alexa and now does way more than just sing. Imagine a fish in your house giving you the forecast, telling you a joke and telling you the time. Not only that, you can change Alexa's name to Billy Bass.

Enjoy for yourself below.

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