Whoever thought that building a schoolhouse across from a cemetery was a good idea, was obviously wrong.

Farrar Schoolhouse was built in 1921 on donated farmland in Farrar, Iowa. On April 1st, 1922 Farrar schoolhouse opened it's doors with a dedication ceremony including an orchestra and a banquet for hundreds of guests from the town for the $100,000 school. After 80 years, on May 3rd, 2002 the schoolhouse closed it's doors in the same fashion as it opened.

After sitting vacant for 5 years, a local couple by the names of Jim and Nancy Oliver purchased the building and it quickly became apparent to them that there were some strange goings-on happening in the building. They heard voices, saw shadow people and even orbs around the building. Building owner Nancy even had an experience of her own when one day she became unsteady on the staircase and then felt a hand on her arm steadying her. She turned around to say thanks to her husband when she saw a dark outline of a young boy who just stood there for a few seconds until it disappeared.

Farrar schoolhouse has had some famous paranormal believers come to the house including famous psychic, Jacqui Carpenter, who was the first one to visit and declare it as "haunted." Farrar schoolhouse has been visited by Discovery Channels "My Ghost Story" and "Ghost Stalkers", Fox news and even Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

If you are brave enough to want to stay the night? Or at least visit during the day? Either way you will have to fill out a waiver to enter the schoolhouse. Check out more at the Farrar Schoolhouse Website.

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