If you are a little light on paranormal activity this year during the Halloween season, you may want to check out Mason House Inn.

This is my final haunted destination of Iowa for 2020 and it is very fighting as it is thought to be one of the most haunted inns in Iowa! Mason House Inn is located in Keosauqua, Iowa. The Inn was built back in 1846 as a stop for steamboat travelers to rest on their travels. Through the 173 years it has been open the inn has become many things. Not only was it an inn many times but it was also a hospital twice and a station on the Underground Railroad during the civil war. Of course with this rich history it is no surprise that it is suspected of being haunted.

Oh and I am not talking about your run of the mill haunted house with one or two spirits lingering, oh no... I am talking about up to 100 ghosts in the inn! Many suspect that there are at least 100 spirits there to haunt the rooms making it one of the most haunted inns in Iowa.

Some of the spirits visitors may encounter include a lady in a white night gown, an old man who stares at visitors and even at times a disembodied head. Yikes. Other visitors include a little boy that pulls on adults clothing at night and a man named Knapp who was suspected of being murdered in room 7 and still haunts the room. So I suggest if you are going to stay there to just avoid room 7. Although there are many spirits seen, none seem to be harmful.

Check out more of the history here!

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