Facebook is a magical world where all your family can stalk what you are doing at all times so you can never really try to "get away" with anything. Remember the times you were embarrassed to show up with your parents or grandparents to places because you didn't want to be embarrassed by them? Well, now you can worry about being embarrassed by them in front of ALL of your Facebook friends.

Yes, in this day and age even your grandparents have figured out how to use Facebook which for some means just more embarrassment on the way. So, maybe this list will help out grandparents or even parents navigate social media.

1.  Don't post personal stuff about family feuds or money. - Social Media is too dramatic as it is.

2.  Don't use too many emojis... I am going to broaden this to texting as well, not necessary.

3.  Don't try so hard to be friends with you kids or grandkids friends. Really, stay in your lane.

4.  Don't post about anything too sad, like being sick or lonely.... Okay this one may take it too far, basically you don't need to post EVERY TIME you have a cough.

5.  Don't try to act too cool.... Just be yourself.

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