Here is an idea, 4-day work weeks while still being paid for 5 days. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?! I do not think anyone would have a problem with this change, other than companies of course. However, this idea is on the rise in minds of businesses. According to a post by Huffington, some companies have already started implementing this idea in their workplace but the day that employees get off will surprise you.

According to the article, Monograph, a software company in San Francisco, has implemented this 4- day week and they allowed their employees to choose what day of the week they wanted off. Although most of us would probably choose a Friday to have a long weekend, the favorite of the company actually seemed to be Wednesdays, as they call it “the mid-weekend.” Taking off on a Wednesday allows your brain to reset and gives you a clear head for the next day according to the company.

Other companies across the world have also implemented a 4-day work week including New Zealand, which made headline news worldwide when they started a 32-hour week without reducing salaries last year. Iceland, Britain, Japan and other countries have all had companies give this a trial run.  To learn more about this idea, check out the full story here.

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