Here's another quick 'man, how lazy are we' update: Someone on Twitter asked the question, 'Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?' And after close to a million votes, the results are in 1 in 5 people DON'T wash their legs.

80% said they do, however 20% said they do not. And people on both sides have strong feelings about it.

So do you really need to wash 'em? Or does the run-off from washing the top half of your body do enough?

A dermatologist in New York tackled this a few years ago after a character on the sitcom 'You're the Worst' said she didn't wash her legs. Here's his answer: Quote, 'Unless your legs are visibly soiled, you DON'T actually need to wash them.' He says the soap running down your body removes most of the dirt and sweat on its own.

Booooya! With that in mind, I'm never scrubbing anything below my shoulders again! Lazy for the win! 🙌

(ADDITIONAL SOURCE: Women's Health Magazine)

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