*The featured image is a representative of a B-25 plane and not the plane on sight*

A little (big) piece of history will be seen in Iowa over the weekend as a B-25 bomber plane will be flying around eastern Iowa. When I say little I mean a piece of history that weighs over 20,000 lbs.

I'm not the biggest fan of heights and the thought of being up in the air in one of these things kind of freaks me out. It still sounds like an incredible opportunity to take in a big piece of history. You have the chance to do just that as you can reserve a seat in this B-25 this weekend.

Quick history lesson... a B-25 bomber was first introduced in 1942 and would be considered a medium bomber according to National WW2 Museum. It had a 6-person crew consisting of a Pilot, Co-Pilot, Bombardier/Navigation, Flight Engineer, Radio Operator, and Tail Gunner. It could fly at a maximum speed of 272 mph and carried a maximum bomb load of 3,200 lbs. The B-25 bomber was famously used in the Doolittle Raid.

KCRG reports, The Experimental Aircraft Association from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is taking this B-25 Mitchell plane on a tour of the midwest. Flights in Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be taking place this weekend. Taking a tour of the midwest, when you live in the midwest, has to be the most midwestern thing of all time right?

Justin Cook is the president of Chapter 33 of the EAA and he told KCRG, that history is what makes this special.

It’s a living piece of history that we always have a great time with, and it’s always an amazing experience to show off. We’ve had a B-17 here numerous times, this is the first time with the B-25.

What makes this situation unique is this plane has been on display for quite some time. However, the EAA has restored it to fit FAA standards and can now be used in flight demonstrations, according to KCRG.

Julie Cruze was the co-pilot for yesterday's media session and wanted to reassure everyone the plane is safe and it offers a truly rare experience. She told KCRG,

This is a very rare opportunity. Nothing to be afraid of, the airplane is totally safe. It’s a chance of a lifetime and it’s a memory that you’ll never forget.

Julie is right when she mentions a rare opportunity. There are only about 100 of these planes that still exist and around 36 of them are able to fly. You can reserve a seat on the plane this weekend by going to the EAA website.

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