Frequent Zac Brown Band co-writer Wyatt Durrette and Mel Washington of the indie rock band All Get Out are facing hate and division together in their song "Love Wins." A back porch performance puts their words of support at the forefront.

Durrette, who is white, and Washington, who is Black, are both originally from the South and have musical roots in country, folk, gospel and rock. The two have been friends for a couple of years now, and they co-wrote "Love Wins" out of a conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I know you’re tired, I know you’re hurtin' / Know you been screaming and I haven’t heard ya / But I’m listening now, and I’m right beside ya," Durrette sings. Responds Washington, "It’s gonna be a long climb / But ya gotta go with me."

Their hopeful message continues throughout the song, with Washington promising, "I know fear don't stand a chance / Against 'I love you.'"

"Love wins / Love mends / This ends right now / Love wins," the two sing together in each chorus. "Gotta lay down hate / Let change begin / This ends right now / Love wins."

Durrette and Washington hope their lyrics will inspire conversations and promote change. Washington says they specifically focused on using unifying, not divisive, language as they wrote.

"We wanted to talk about what we’re all feeling without making it political, without yelling at one another, but really helping each other understand our experiences and our perspectives a little better," Washington reflects.

Adds Durrette, "Neither one of us are fools to think that it's gonna change everything, but if [love is] what we lead with and what we keep by our side through all of it, we can have the tough conversations and get through the long haul it's gonna take."

Washington, 35, is a Charleston, S.C., native and has been pursuing his career as a singer and songwriter since the age of 18. Durrette, a Richmond, Va., native, now lives in Charleston and, in addition to his work with the Zac Brown Band, is known for having co-written Luke Combs' "Beautiful Crazy" and "Even Though I'm Leaving," among others.

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