You can say that Nikki Delventhal has lived all across the country. One of the most recent places she's called home is a popular tourist destination in Iowa.

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Delventhal is traveling all across the country and living out of her own vehicle; a 2006 Toyota Prius. The woman is a travel vlogger and shares her stories of venturing all over in her car, as well as some adorable photos of her dog Camper.

She has lived out of her Prius for about two and a half years now and has been documenting every second of it. On her YouTube channel, she shares tips for traveling to all of these places and some of the strange/unique things she encounters.

You might be thinking...

What kind of person lives out of their Prius (if it's not out of necessity)?

Delventhal is a former celeb hair stylist, Wilhelmina model, NFL cheerleader & fitness instructor in NYC. Seven years ago she traded her comfortable lifestyle in for a life of constant travel.

She has been working as a seasonal tour guide for teens in more than 20 different countries since 2015.

One of her most recent spots she temporarily has been calling home is the World's Largest Truckstop along Iowa 80! This stop is right along the eastern edge of Iowa, not too far from the Mississippi River.

The dog mom shared a short video of her experience so far, and it shows just how strange this sort of transient lifestyle can be.

When Delventhal woke up to a car alarm, she noticed that there were multiple people getting a bit too close for comfort to her home/car. She shared the video with text that said,

"My morning living in a Prius, at the World's Largest truck stop, with the world's most invasive humans. Lol"

People were getting up close to her car and even touching the bike she had strapped to the back. Besides that red flag, she was able to get to her usual morning routine without any worries.

"I went inside and there was a twenty-person line for the bathrooms, so we're going to do this the old-fashioned way; we're gonna change in the car!"

Watch the full video down below and get a feel for what it's REALLY like living at the World's Largest Truck Stop!

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