If you like golf, I think I've found our way around the wet and rainy weather we've had to start our spring.

Now, nothing really beats being outside, on a real course, 70 degrees, 7 mph wind, and 12 Busch lights in your golf cart. Even people who don't like golf and just want to drive the cart can appreciate being outside on a nice day.

So far this spring has been disappointing, to say the least. Not that I'm surprised but has this spring been worse than years past?

It feels like it's always raining. On days when it's not, we've had 30-50mph wind.

Golf player teeing off
Photo by: Otmar Winterleitner

When the spring hits here in the midwest, most golfers start to get the itch. We clean off our clubs, buy some new golf balls, and gear up for a fun summer of playing bogey golf.

Most of us are out there just trying to have a good time with our friends and family but the occasional good shot is what keeps us coming back.


There's one problem...how are we supposed to get started with this weather?!

I can't believe I'm just finding out about this place. Golf Lab in Cedar Falls might have to be my new home. Look at how cool this place is.

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Golf Lab-Cedar Falls is a public indoor golf studio located at 201 Washington, Suite B in Cedar Falls.

I've never been here but from their social media pages, it looks like they have everything a golfer could want.

3 private simulator bays for you to hit into, a 400-foot putting simulator, places to just hang out and watch whatever game you want, and most importantly, a stocked bar.

One of my favorite sayings in golf, "stop thinkin', start drinkin'. Responsibly of course.

Golf Lab-Cedar Falls looks like a great place to have a party or just work on your golf game.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate per simulator, no matter how many are in your group the price remains the same at $40 an hour, for each bay.

I refuse to let this wet and rainy weather keep me down and prevent me from playing the most frustrating game in the world.


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