If you are not a huge fan of the cold then you probably do not like going outdoors during the winter and spend more time indoors continuously searching for new movies or TV shows to watch. Binge-watching is the best thing to do on these cold days and honestly you feel really accomplished when you get through a whole series in one day. However, if you are looking for something new to watch check out my suggestions below.


  1. Supernatural!- If you have been paying attention, you can tell that this is legit my favorite show ever! Two brothers who are hunters of supernatural beings and have a bond stronger than a married couple and no love triangle? You know you are missing out!
  2. Shadowhunters- If you watch the first episodes, it is a train wreck you cannot look away from. Honestly the first couple episodes are not that great but you get pulled in and then as the seasons get better you will be so depressed as season three comes to an end in 2019.
  3. The Good Doctor- Barely two seasons in and you cannot help but feel empathy for the autistic doctor trying to become a surgeon. It pulls you in and definitely makes you root for him as he faces more challenges than just his own neurological issues.


These are my three favorite shows but if these do not sound like your cup of tea then yes, I am a little offended, but I guess it is ok and you can check out the full article from Thrillist for some of the most binge-worthy shows of the year.


Also, become a master at binge-watching this winter and you can say you are an athlete! At least in my opinion it takes a great amount of mental power to get through multiple seasons in one day so way to go!

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