Here's something that might be fun you and the family to bet on during your Thanksgiving gathering. Which relative is going to pass out drunk first?

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means many will gather around the family table, break bread, and reunite with loved ones. But the holidays can also be stressful, and in order to prevent your celebration from turning into a Jerry Springer episode, many people turn to booze to lighten the mood.

A survey from (yes...that's a real website) asked more than 1,000 Americans which one of their family members was the most likely to get hammered during Thanksgiving. The numbers add up to more than 100% because there is more than one candidate for A LOT of families:

  1. Uncle (26%)
  2. Cousin (24%)
  3. Brother (21%)
  4. Father (19%)
  5. Yourself (19%)
  6. Aunt (12%)
  7. Sister (12%)
  8. Mother (10%)
  9. Grandfather (3%)
  10. Grandmother (2%)

You'll notice mostly male family members at the top of the list. That's because men can typically drink more than women without becoming intoxicated due to how alcohol is metabolized--however, men are also more likely to drink excessively.

Then, there's THIS to consider.


Turns out, people deal with family a lot better when they're sloshed (I know...I'm just as surprised as you are). So, maybe your drunk uncle has had it right this whole time.