You may think it's a bit early to start talking about the NFL but I would disagree. All NFL teams will be in training camp by July 26, which is only 1 month away. One of my first interviews for this job was back in January when the NFL playoffs were in full swing.

After the initial interview, my fiance and I went out to get some food and watch the second half of the 49ers vs Cowboys game and one thing we recognized right away, was all of the different NFL jerseys being represented in the restaurant.

Unsplash - Adrian Curiel
Unsplash - Adrian Curiel

Now when it comes to college football, you know who Iowans are cheering on. The Gophers! Just kidding, the Hawkeyes, Cyclones, and Panthers are all represented very well. I've always wondered what NFL team do Iowans cheer for? Well, it depends on who you ask.

In just our office building alone we have a few Vikings fans, Packer fans, Bear fans, a Charger fan, and someone from Rhode Island, who cheers for the Patriots... must be nice.

Most of us Vikes fans are fans because we're from Minnesota but one Iowan who cheers for the Vikes was drawn to them originally from the Twins baseball team. He eventually became a Cardinals fan but that original crossover led him to the Vikings, who he's been rooting for ever since.

Our Packers fan was originally a Bears fan growing up. He would attend their mini-camps and he said he was probably more of a "casual Bears fan." That all changed in 1992 when a "boy from Mississippi" ended up in Green Bay. He's been a Packers fan ever since.

Our Bears fan landed on the Bears because growing up a lot of his friends were Bears fans. He also loved the Superbowl shuffle and he was a huge fan of "The Refridgerator Perry. He didn't look that athletic but he could really move." You know the old saying, you are who your friends are.

Our Chargers fan was a "huge LaDainian Tomlinson fan growing up". He also had family in San Diego, which helped him stick with the Chargers. With their baby blue uniforms, I think we all have some love for the Chargers.

After looking up the question "what NFL team do Iowans cheer for" on Reddit, you again will find a variety of answers. You'll see the Steelers, Chiefs, Saints, Broncos, and even the Cowboys. Obviously, this is a pretty mixed bag of teams. This doesn't really answer my question, does it? I'm looking for which team has the biggest fan base out of Iowa.

According to Ames Trib, it is likely the Minnesota Vikings. I'm assuming this is likely due to Minneapolis being the closest city, for most Iowans, with an NFL team. Without asking every single Iowan which NFL team they root for it would be impossible to have concrete evidence of who the most popular NFL team is in Iowa. I may never find out the real answer to this question but it will be nice knowing there will be some Vikings fans around when they win the super bowl this year.

Sorry Vikings fans, I probably just jinxed us.

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