If you're starting to pack for your concert vacation at the 8th annual Country on the River Music Festival, or any music festival for that matter, here are a few items to think about packing before you head out.

There the obvious items to make sure you have on your checklist: tickets, camping passes, printed concert line-up, map of the festival grounds, clothes, food, drinks... plenty of drinks, and etc. But here are a few other things to consider that might make the best weekend of the year even better.

Yes, we love to have plenty of food and drinks on hand, but make sure to pack a few extras to share with your neighbors. It can help create new friends and fast. You already have something in common by being at the event, so it shouldn't be too hard to leave with even more friends than you arrived with on day one.

Bringing decorations to add some splash to your campsite adds is always cool. It can also help you find your site after a long day of singing and dancing in the sun, or if you went through the beer line one too many times. Just make sure those items are not irreplaceable items. There some low-lifes out there.

When packing clothes, make sure you consider wearing layers. Mother Nature is not always a concert lover, and she can deliver some unpleasant weather. Rain. Hot. Humid. Cold breezes. Even if the forecast calls for sunshine and daisies, wearing layers can help you deal what ever she brings your way. After all, how often is the weather man right?

And because we all know that weather man never get it right, it wouldn't hurt to pack several different types of footwear. Flip-flops may be a cool relief on a hot day, but after 6-inches of rain, one of those wannabe shoes may get stuck in the mud and lost for ever. Plus, don't rule out getting a nasty sunburn on the top of your feet. Some time in socks & shoes might not be the coolest situation for your feet, but it will be cooler than a nasty burn. Just make sure what ever you wear are comfortable.

Baby whips aren't just for babies anymore. They make the perfect camping extra. Let's face it. There are times that it looks like we'll get more germs by washing our hands than if we just passed on proper bathroom etiquette instead.

The fanny pack has gotten a bad wrap over the years, but it still makes the perfect accessory for a multi-day music festival. No, you probably won't win any fashion awards, but you won't be worrying about you money, tickets, and most important you mobile phone. They even make an RF blocker version. They block RFID Readers from stealing personal information. #TooCool

It never hurts to have a first aide kit somewhere at the campsite. Although most campsites will have plenty of alcohol to clean a wound, most won't have a bandage to cover it up. I suppose you could make one out of a paper towel and some duct tape, but wouldn't you rather rip off a bandage instead of stripe of duct tape? #InstantHairRemoval

The most critical of all camping emergencies is when you have to rush to the closest porta-potty only to realize that there is no toilet paper. Make sure you pack extra toilet paper. You just might be the camp hero by the end of the weekend.

Probably one of the most important things to bring is a good attitude and plenty of charm. One of the most important groups of people to wow with you charisma are the event staffers. Most are volunteers who don't mind working a little to enjoy a few days of live music. More than likely, they've been there before, and they know all kinds of secrets that might be the best surprise you get all weekend. #MeetYourFavoriteArtist

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