If it weren't for these four teenagers, this woman may not be alive.

90-year-old Catherine Ritchie lives alone outside Tulsa Oklahoma. Last month, Ritchie was getting ready for bed when she walked into her bedroom and saw her mattress on fire. Ritchie tried to put the fire out and when she realized she couldn't, she hit her emergency call button an started to make her way out.

However, the smoke was so thick that Ritchie couldn't see anything and had to feel along the wall towards the door out of her bedroom. Unfortunately, she walked into a closet instead. At this point, there may not have been any hope, but that is when four teenagers came to the rescue.

Four teenage boys happened to be walking to a convenience store to get snacks when they smelled smoke and ran over to help. Three of the boys tried to break down the front door with no success, but it was 14-year-old Nick Byrd that got into the house through the backdoor and found Ritchie. She was crawling down the hallway still trying to make her way out when Byrd picked her up and carried her out. Ritchie is okay and firefighters were able to stop the spread of the fire.

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