This school went above and beyond to make this student feel welcome.

Dayton Consolidated School in Maine recently went above and beyond the norm to make one special little kindergartner feel welcome. Morey Belanger is 6-years- old and the school's first deaf student. For most schools, they would just bring in an interpreter to help Belanger along with her education. However, this school decided to take it many steps forward.

The entire Dayton Consolidated School learned some sign language to welcome Belanger. Students have learned to sign more than 20 words including colors, letters and school related words. There are also sign language posters lining the hallways. The school has installed a hearing assistive system and implemented extra teacher training to incorporate sign language into every classroom, including core subjects, music and computer class. Some teachers have even went above and beyond by doing their own studying of sign language.

Belanger's parents were so surprised at how welcoming the school was and Belanger has also helped to teach fellow students some of the language. The school also brought in a special guest, Cinderella, to help them celebrate their accomplishments.

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