Payless stores have, unfortunately, been closing down all across the country since February due to bankruptcy. As sad as this is, some people are taking it upon themselves to make this into a good thing, like this mom.

A woman in Northwest Arkansas named Carrie Jernigan took her kids to the mall recently to buy new shoes. Payless was having a liquidation sale and so they went to shop there. Her daughter asked if they could buy a pair of shoes for her friend at school whom couldn't afford shoes that fit. Bouncing off of this idea, Carrie asked the cashier how much it would cost to buy all the shoes they had left, and although Carrie did not reveal how much she paid, she did buy them ALL!

Things got even more generous from there. When Carrie cam back with a truck to pick up the shoes, Payless got another shipment of another thousand pairs... and she bought ALL of those too! Carrie ended up with 1500 pairs of shoes whose cost without the discount would have been $21,000.

400 pairs were for adults which she donated and the other 1,100 pairs were for kids. Carrie set up an event for next weekend where parents can get free shoes for kids just in time for school!

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