Talk about a heck of a Memorial Day Weekend. This is what Memorial Day is all about.

Hezekiah Perkins was a 90-year-old Korean War veteran. Perkins, unfortunately, passed away earlier this month. Perkins funeral was this past Saturday in Cincinnati and unfortunately his only living relative, his daughter, was not able to make it due to some health problems.

Not wanting to let this veteran be buried alone, the cemetery put out a request letting everyone in the area know that anyone that wanted to come pay respects was welcome to. To everyone's surprise, as Saturday rolled around, 400 people showed up for this!

Most of the guests lived in the area but there were some whom traveled just for the funeral. One woman reported that she drove about 100 miles from Kentucky just to be there for it. Not only that, but someone also set up a live video feed so that Perkins could still be there and watch.

Perkins was buried with full military honors. You can see pictures of the funeral here.

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